October is Advising Month

Registration for the spring semester begins November 5, 2018, so now is the time to meet with your academic advisor to plan your spring schedule and make sure that you are on track with your academic and career goals.

All students should make an appointment to meet with your advisor each semester prior to registration.

Your advisor can help you:

  • Schedule the classes you need for your major
  • Plan your next step – whether you’re transferring to a university or entering the workforce
  • Map out a plan to graduation
  • Explore your career options
  • Discover additional resources and opportunities at TSC and beyond

As a result of Academic Advising, you will be able to:

  • Access and navigate TSC’s online resources and processes
  • Develop an educational plan that leads to  the timely completion of your educational goals
  • Access TSC’s academic and student support services and resources
  • Follow academic and administrative policies and procedures
  • Develop the critical thinking and independent decision-making skills to make and accept responsibility for academic decisions
  • Evaluate personal interests and abilities leading to the creation of realistic academic and professional goals
  • Discover and integrate co- and extra-curricular activities and programs that enhance your college experience

Important Dates:

  • October 1-31: Spring 2019 Priority Advising
  • November 5-9: Spring 2019 Priority Registration begins for students with 30 or more credit hours
  • November 10-30: Spring 2019 Priority Registration begins for students with 29 or less credit hours
  • December 3: Spring 2019 General Registration begins
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