Associate Degree Nursing

Beth KasprisinBeth Kasprisin
Program Director

Welcome to the Associate Degree of Nursing Program (ADN) at Texas Southmost College (TSC). As an educational institution, we look forward to assisting the community in a caring and welcoming manner. We are currently working with the Texas Board of Nursing to re-establish the ADN program to offer both a traditional two-year (five semester) program as well as a LVN to RN program.

The ADN program strives to provide students with the tools to reach their academic success and fulfill their dream of entering the nursing profession. The web page will be updated during this transition with more details on the admission process for future students. The core pre-requisite and co-requisite courses of Anatomy and Physiology I and II, General Psychology, Life Span Psychology, Microbiology, English Composition I, Elementary Statistics, and a Language, Philosophy, & Culture/Creative Arts Elective will remain in the curriculum.

Please call or email us if you have any questions.

Beth Kasprisin, MSN APRN
Director of Associate Degree Nursing
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