LVN-RN Advanced Placement Admission Process

Applications may be started at any time, but the following deadlines will be strictly adhered to:

Fall admission:  April 15th  LVN-RN Advanced Placement (Fall candidates)
Spring Admission: November 13th LVN-RN Advanced Placement (Spring candidates)

Admission Requirements
A class of students will be admitted each fall and spring semester based on completion of prerequisite course work (LVN-RN students) and admission criteria. The number of students admitted each semester may vary due to Board of Nursing (BON) requirements of student-to-instructor ratios and available applicant pool. Admission is competitive and is based on the student's overall GPA and ACT test scores.

To be considered for admission the student must:

  • Have a minimum overall GPA of 2.5 or above. The recommended GPA is 3.0 or above;
  • A minimum of "C" or above is required for all prerequisite coursework;
  • Must obtain acceptable scores on the ACT test, minimum score of 18 or above in Reading, English, Science and  Composite. The recommended score is 22 or above;
  • Obtain acceptable scores on the Kaplan Entrance Exam of 79% on Math, 77% on Reading, 57% on Science, 62% on Writing and 69% on Overall Score
  • Due to the competitiveness of the program the higher all of the above GPA and test scores are the better your chance of admission;
  • Complete all prerequisite general education courses prior to applying; LVN-RN are required to submit an unofficial transcript with all prerequisite coursework;
  • Be admitted to Texas Southmost College.
  • Pass the criminal background check.
  • Be cleared by the Texas Board of Nursing prior to starting classes. 

Please refer to the application (checklist) found on our website for detailed instructions. Application will not be accepted if it is incomplete.

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