Behavioral and Social Sciences

The Behavioral and Social Sciences Department at Texas Southmost College provides a diverse and exciting educational experience for students seeking a career in criminal justice, social work or educational programs. In addition to offering courses in the General Education Core curriculum that seamlessly transitions into a four-year university.

Detailed course offerings will prepare students to engage in dynamic classroom discussions which foster critical thinking skills, problem-solving and utilizes real-world scenarios to aid in instruction. With diverse classes such as Social Problems, Human Sexuality, Fundamentals of Criminal Law and General Psychology, the Behavioral and Social Sciences Department provides a solid foundation to out of the box thinking to personal and ethical issues we confront in everyday lives. Whether it’s learning to understand how the human psyche works, understanding the functions and dynamics of society and societal norms or understanding how the criminal justice system has evolved, our department is committed to providing an engaging classroom experience.

Contact Information:

Mrs. Sonia Trevino
Chair, Department of Behavioral and Social Sciences
Location: South 264